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Short Term Stay

We know that moving into a retirement residence is a big decision.

Come see for yourself

If you need short term care or are interested in a trial stay in retirement living, we offer short term stay opportunities. Lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, a trial stay with us is the perfect way to get a glimpse of everyday life at Revera and decide if retirement living is the right fit for you. You’ll have the chance to experience all the benefits retirement living has to offer in an active and inviting environment, with no pressure to make a long term decision.  
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Made fresh daily, our food is nutritious and delicious. Our chef-prepared meals are made with fresh ingredients from scratch and our menus offer plenty of choice and can accommodate special dietary needs. And mealtime is made even more enjoyable in the company of friends in the full-service dining room. Why not join us for a meal and experience it yourself?
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Active Living

Helping our residents live a meaningful, active life with purpose is always the goal in our retirement senior living communities.

We have embraced a Dimensions of Wellness approach in our retirement homes. The dimensions include the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, community engagement, environmental and spiritual and are specially designed to balance and complement one other for a truly holistic approach to overall life.

It is these dimensions, built on a strong foundation of both choice and individualization, which guide our active living for older adults programming and ensure our retirement residents have recreation.

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