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4 older adults sharing a glass of wine and laughing

A new roaring '20s

A call for the young and old
By Hazel McCallion
Goodbye 2019 and hello to the roaring 2020s. And who better to look to guide us in this new decade than the people who lived through or born in the original “roaring 20s”? Since 2015, I have been an advocate for older people as Revera’s Chief Elder Officer. I take great pleasure in telling people I’m the “CEO” at Revera. I’m inspired by the people who work in retirement residences and long term care homes and how they create an environment where people can live a life of purpose. After all, it’s not your age that matters it’s what you do at that age that matters.
"After all, it’s not your age that matters it’s what you do at that age that matters"
As we usher in a new decade, there is much to be excited about and look forward to. For one, in February I’ll begin my 100th year. I look back at all of the incredible things I’ve witnessed and been a part of and I’m grateful. A new year brings new things to accomplish. Seniors built the world we live in today and are ready to pitch in to help drive progress for years to come. With our combined efforts, the older generations and younger ones can bring new energy to the new roaring '20s.
Hazel McCallion
By Hazel McCallion
Hazel McCallion joined Revera as Chief Elder Officer in 2015. Her leadership guides how Revera can improve care for our residents as she uses her position to challenge ageism and preconceptions about aging.