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Hazel McCallion and Tom Wellner enjoying a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game

Hazel McCallion at 100

Leading the charge for a positive future
By Tom Wellner
On February 14, 2021, the incomparable Hazel McCallion turns 100-years-young. Hazel is one of the most remarkable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. For the past six years, Revera has been blessed to receive her wisdom as our company’s Chief Elder Officer. In this role she has advocated on behalf of our residents and staff. She has also shared her insights, which has made us a better company.

It’s no surprise that Hazel earned the moniker “Hurricane”. She is unstoppable. Hurricane Hazel can run circles around people who are more than half her age. I have never known someone with so much stamina or a better work ethic. Her no-nonsense approach to getting a tough job done – and done well – earned her nine terms in elected office as the mayor of Mississauga. And as she crosses the century mark, she shows no signs of slowing down.
“I am grateful for Hazel’s efforts, her determination to hold me and Revera to account, and her iron will to do the right thing.”
Like all great leaders, she has used her many talents to make the world a better place. Through her efforts to champion diversity, inclusion and to advocate against ageism, Hazel has brought about positive change not just in Mississauga but all of Canada.

The pandemic has been the biggest challenge many of us have ever faced. Not being one to back down from a challenge, Hazel has continued to push for positive outcomes that will benefit both older adults and those who care for them in the senior living sector. Her support of the Senior Living CaRES Fund, an important initiative that recognizes the heroic efforts of Canada’s senior living sector employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, has helped to distribute $2.5 million in financial assistance for workers who are experiencing hardship.

As Revera’s “other CEO,” Hazel has shared her inspiring views on the importance of living a life of purpose with many of our residents and staff. I am grateful for Hazel’s efforts, her determination to make a difference every day, and her iron will to do the right thing. As Hazel enters her 101st year I hope you’ll join me in honouring her big day by resolving to contribute your energy to making a positive mark on our world.

Happy 100th birthday, Hazel! I’m sending you a big “air” hug and the well-wishes of all of us at Revera.
Tom Wellner
By Tom Wellner
Tom Wellner is President and CEO of Revera. He has led Revera since 2014 and has guided its strategic direction to grow, innovate and lead in the sector. He has a passion for innovative solutions to complex problems and believes that innovation is key to designing a better aging experience.