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An older woman smiling at a younger woman

Introducing our New Blog

What does it mean to be a senior? At Revera, we believe it’s embracing this stage of life as the start of something new. We’ve always believed in celebrating the ageless spirit of older people, and that’s what our new blog, Senior Living, is all about.

This blog is meant to inspire you, a place to explore what it is that matters most to seniors. One thing you won’t find here is any sugarcoating. We promise to tell it like it is, with true insights and advice.
“It’s time for us to agree that ageism is getting old.”
Of course, don’t just take it from us. We’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works, including videos and interviews, articles and infographics covering everything from health and wellness to tackling ageism, to lifestyle and travel, arts and ideas and everything else that relates to senior living in Canada. We’ll also be featuring findings from our myriad partnerships and programs, including the Revera Innovators in Aging program, which invites entrepreneurs to test new products and services created for seniors; and the Revera and Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project, a venture meant to bridge seniors with youth. Both these projects are part of our ongoing $20 million investment in combating ageism and helping seniors live better lives: Age Is More.

This Senior Living blog is ready to challenge the perception of what it means to be a senior. Or as our Chief Elder Officer, Hazel McCallion, says, “It’s time for us to agree that ageism is getting old.”

We couldn’t agree more.