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Images showing some of the participants of the Revera and Reel Youth Film Project

Retracing our lineage

The Virtual Age Is More Film Project

Revera’s Age Is More program was created to shine a light on the meaningful contributions of older adults in society. Through original research and creative collaborations, Revera demonstrates the fulfilling lives seniors lead throughout their later years and break down the stereotypes of older adults. Learn more at


Sometimes, in order to recognize where you are today, it’s important to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’ve come from. Retracing our lineage allows us to better appreciate those who have come before us and also those who helped to shape our own personal journeys. Family, friends, teachers, colleagues and sometimes complete strangers can have a great impact on our lives. Together with the creative team at Reel Youth, Revera’s residents retraced their origins as part of the latest Age Is More Film Project called “Lineages.”

Eight residents from three of Revera’s retirement residences – Fleetwood Villa in Surrey, British Columbia, Renaissance in Regina and The Bentley Saskatoon in Saskatchewan – took part in the program. The Age Is More Film Project connects residents in Revera’s retirement homes with young people who are interested in learning how to make their own short films. Each project explores a new topic as the youth and seniors work together to bring each film to life.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this latest project took place virtually with the filmmakers and film stars meeting over Zoom. Together they worked on a poem that would help guide the narrative of each resident’s life story, from childhood memories and experiences to the present day. The results are rich stories that include what it was like to serve in a world war, life in rural Canada, the importance of music and the arts, and the value of a well-timed joke.

The Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project allows for a creative space in which young people and older adults can work together and form new friendships. It is also an outlet for Revera’s residents to share their wisdom. Importantly, it’s an opportunity to combat ageism, which is the most tolerated form of social prejudice in Canada. Older people are sometimes made to feel invisible in society, but the Age Is More Film Project celebrates their ageless spirit and provides a platform to tell their story and connect with the younger generations.

Once the films were completed, the filmmakers, the stars and their families came together for a virtual premiere of the films. It was a moment to celebrate the accomplishments and the hard work that went into creating the short videos. It was also a chance to reflect on the collaboration and new friendships that were formed during the filmmaking process. Most importantly, it was an opportunity to appreciate where each resident film star has come from and give them their moment to share their journey.


Watch the premiere of the Age Is More Film Project: Lineages