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Working together against COVID-19

Protecting seniors and our employees
By Tom Wellner
As April draws to a close, it’s hard to believe we have only been battling the COVID-19 virus here in Canada for less than two months. These weeks have challenged each and every one of us in different ways, whether that’s our work, our finances, our interactions, or of course, our health.

Nowhere has the impact of the COVID-19 virus been felt more acutely than in seniors’ care. At Revera’s long term care homes and retirement residences across the country, our dedicated teams have been working tirelessly to prevent the spread of the virus as well as care for and protect our residents. In our homes experiencing an outbreak, we celebrate every personal battle against COVID-19 won, cherish the memories of those it claims, and, with the support of our residents and families, relentlessly steel our resolve to continue the fight. Our frontline employees truly are heroes, and we are heartened that we are seeing some provinces recognizing this important work through the provision of hero pay.
Standing together as a sector to help support smaller operators is the right thing to do and speaks to our strong spirit of collaboration
A key part of our approach is providing our homes and residences with a supply of protective equipment (PPE), something that has been challenging for the entire seniors’ living sector in the face of the demands of the pandemic. Thankfully, our strategic sourcing team has been able to source PPE for our needs. However, we, along with other leaders in the seniors’ care sector, recognize that other, smaller operators do not have access to the same sources and volume pricing benefits.

We are proud to be a founding member and lead contributor of funds and expertise to the newly-launched Canadian Alliance to Protect and Equip Seniors Living (CAPES) initiative, to help address the shortage of PPE in our sector. Already, CAPES has received and is processing orders for over 15 million masks, as well as many other much needed PPE supplies, and this number is growing rapidly. In addition, Revera supports the CAPES 35% reserve initiative, which provides an avenue for smaller operators to purchase needed supplies at cost.

Standing together as a sector to help support smaller operators is the right thing to do and speaks to our strong spirit of collaboration. It echoes what we are seeing throughout the Revera family – so many other examples of people helping people, with compassion, with kindness, and even sometimes, with humour. I invite you to take a few minutes to see examples of this on the new Care and Kindness at Revera webpage.

Seeing these amazing moments of positivity is truly inspiring, and they help to motivate us each and every day as we support and care for you or your loved ones. We are so grateful. Please reach out to your Executive Director if you have any questions at any time.

Be well. Stay safe. Stay strong.

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Tom Wellner
By Tom Wellner
Tom Wellner is President and CEO of Revera. He has led Revera since 2014 and has guided its strategic direction to grow, innovate and lead in the sector. He has a passion for innovative solutions to complex problems and believes that innovation is key to designing a better aging experience.