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Reports on aging

Our original research celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of older adults to recognize the valuable contributions they make to society. Our goal is to inform and advance dialogue that challenges ageism.
Group of seniors laughing and talking
Living a Life of Purpose
Older Canadians are the most generous demographic when it comes to giving their time and money to the causes that are important to them - they are committed to creating a better world.
The Living a Life of Purpose report
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Innovation & the Aging Experience
Canada's seniors are not afraid of innovation and want the private sector to develop products and services that improve the aging experience, empower their independence and provide choice.
Innovation & the Aging Experience report
Male senior and male family member talking and laughing
Independence and Choice As We Age
Ageism is depriving older adults of their independence and choice, two crucial factors of aging well, as ageism continues to be the most tolerated form of social prejudice in Canada.
Independence and Choice As We Age report

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